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Green footprints of money waves

The biggest contribution of the money wave to the environment and the society is to use our high quality coating system to protect your property from corrosion.

The money wave has been contributing to the environment by providing high quality products and solutions for decades. We also use a lot of resources to develop product lines for our customers, which is more stringent than the law requirements, because we are committed to become pioneers in the industry. We know that our customers are willing to contribute to the environment, so we can also provide products and solutions that really benefit the environment and make the world different. At the same time, we always ensure high quality and durability.

As a leading enterprise in the coatings industry, we promise to improve environmental protection by improving solid waste emissions, reducing energy consumption, increasing recovery rate and implementing ISO 14001 and OHSAS certification in the global plant.

In the wave of money, we continue to innovate and protect

Just as we have been working hard to better protect your property, the money waves also take the same step and increase the protection of the environment.

We call it the green footprints of the money waves - contributing to our common world and creating meaningful changes.