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Company profile

Hangzhou Beike new Mstar Technology Ltd, was founded in 2017; by Qianlang Technology Group investment, Yi Peng Chong Park focus on incubation, research and production of high-tech enterprises, national joint University of Science and Technology Beijing, Chinese corrosion protection society, innovation alliance, marine materials industry Chinese co created, belonging to an independent subsidiary Qianlang Technology group, Research Institute University of Science and Technology Beijing Qianlang new materials University of Science and Technology Beijing listed settled "". The company is located in the Hangzhou Dajiang industrial and industrial distribution area.

Hangzhou Beike new Mstar Technology Ltd is relying on a "corrosion data information platform", "new material library platform to create a one-stop service chain of new materials industry technology field; the development of marine marine material: high strength and corrosion resistance of steel, with anti-corrosion titanium products by sea, corrosion resistance high strength inorganic polymer material sea. Non metal materials used in the field of marine equipment, marine; deep-sea oil tree industry research, deep sea platform integrated circuit, deep-sea cable, deep-sea safety assessment equipment; corrosion protection corrosion: big data applications, anticorrosion engineering Internet platform, anti-corrosion equipment development; antifouling materials: special fluorine silicon carrier patent antifouling materials, chemical fluorocarbon products and new materials, new chemical materials of silicon, a new generation of bionic imitation shark skin antifouling paints and other work; Energy coatings: power generation coatings (for solar panels), graphene modified coatings, intumescent fire retardant coatings for aircraft, inorganic silicate coatings, etc. And according to the needs of the market and industry development, these core technologies are commercialization and industrialization, so that the scientific research results can be transformed into market efficiency.

The company has a large number of domestic and foreign masters who have deep academic foundation and rich experience in the field of new material preparation and anticorrosive science research. They have 15 authorized patents, of which 8 are invention patents, and 15 are currently in the field. "Big brands and Centennial anticorrosion" is the spirit of our company. "Sincere service and user satisfaction" is our team's service goal. "Sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win" is our company's tenet.

Technical strength

Design of the platform architecture for data processing leading, based on BI (Business Intelligence) powerful background data platform integration technology, realize multi angle multi-dimensional query, provide technical advantage depth analysis ability is more flexible and more level for the user, using the Hadoop cloud computing platform, to achieve unlimited linear expansion

High quality user experience, excellent data visualization technology advantages, will display various core data in a visual form to users, let users at a glance, adopt agile development, achieve user needs at the fastest speed, and continuously provide users with more intimate services.

Stable and reliable system technology advantages, based on cloud computing platform, has the leading Internet product R & D and operation experience in e-commerce and finance industry, effectively ensuring the stability and reliability of the platform.

Massive data processing and operation capabilities, tens of millions of data acquisition, integration, analysis and mining capabilities, the daily processing capacity of up to 100 million orders of magnitude, to achieve the Internet based real-time push technology advantages up to millions of data per second.